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weather every ten minutes. first, adam caskey. >> welcome back to work and welcome back to school. thursday of school in northern virginia. not that outside. a little warmer than yesterday. not as refreshing as yesterday morning. short sleeve weather for this afternoon. let's look at the customer numbers. 63 in woodbridge. 68 thaksin no, 66 in reston. 68 in lexington park. 70 degrees downtown. 90 for the high tetris. mostly sunny, scattered clients. los humidity. the average high is 82. -- scattered clouds. lau to lisa baden -- now to lisa baden. beltway travel and interstate travel look good. looks good out to the airport. the focus will be on neighborhood streets.
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we are very quiet. a good run in the mixing bowl in reston. back to you. >> thank you. today could be the worst traffic they this area has seen in months. courtney robinson is along to 70 -- along 270. >> as we begin to see school buses and many commuters heading to work, we will seek a just and pick up. there's not much you can do. get ready to hit the brakes. >> it is part of living in the city. >> today will be one of forced traffic days in the metro region. people are back to work and back to school. >> terrible traffic tuesday, absolute worst gridlock in three months expected, the day after labor when everything comes to
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haunt us. >> the traffic nightmare will only get worse with many construction projects during again. 295 and across the 11th street bridge across the anacostia river, lanes will be closing beginning this week and lasting months. >> you have to leave early and be patient. what what is going on around us. >> builds some extra time into your commute. most of the construction projects take place overnight. you will not really deal with that. something you probably will deal with its new traffic patterns and street closings. 5 metrobus 9 stations that or closed on the weekend are open again. glenmont, wheaton, silver
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spring, takoma, and forest glen road closed for station upgrades. they are reopening now. r a our top story on this tuesday, summer vacation is officially over for hundreds of thousands in northern virginia. >> arlington, fairfax, loudoun county, school districts of back in session this morning. classrooms are coping with the effects of big budget cuts. >> pamela brown is live in vienna with more. >> schools across northern virginia will be welcoming more students than ever this year. because of that, a lot of schools across several counties will be stretched to the maximum enrollment the golden do increase. 3200 more students in fairfax county compared with last year. officials believe some of the moment increase is connected to the influx of young hispanic
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families with higher birthrates in arlingts. the alexandria city school system is expecting a 3.2% increase. the jump in a moment comes at a time when budgets are tight. spending per student will be cut by $300 in fairfax county because funding fell by $16 million for this fiscal year. parents are having to dish out more school-related fees and for athletics and advanced placement courses. teacher salaries, and freezes are still in effect. the superintendent says that salary increases will be a priority for the next budget year. madison high school is where we are this morning. we will visit the school at 7:00. pamela brown reporting. >> thank you. president obama introduced a
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plan to jump-start the an economy, a $50 billion plan includes money for 150,000 miles of road construction, 4,000 miles of railways, 150 miles of runways, and a new air-traffic system to cut down on delays. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single minute to turn this economy around and put people back to work and renew the american dream. >> the president says it can be paid for without increasing the deficit. he plans a tax write-off on new investment for businesses and corporations as well. the discovery communications building in silver spring is expected to reopen fully this morning. last wednesday a man took three people hostage four hours before u.s. shot and killed by police. investigators are searching for the gunman who shot two
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people in northeast a democrat 15 last night on 54th street. -- at 7:15 last night. >> hermine is working through the southern branch of texas. the storm brought high winds and driving rainproof south padre island. in northern mexico it caused severe flooding. still ahead a dominant developments in the d.c. mayor's race. \ adrian fenty has a reason to celebrate this morning. we are going to have an international burn the qur'an day. >> but the military leader is discouraging this. >> but the military leader is discouraging this. >> we will be right back.
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bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today. captioned by the national captioning institute meteorologist adam caskey with your forecast. welcome back to work, first day
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of school in northern virginia. 64 degrees income burk -- in burke. 69 in hyattsville. brunswick, 59, along with leesburg. berkeley springs, 57. near 90 degrees today and again tomorrow with a few scattered clouds tomorrow. the best chance of showers is sunday. there could be rain sunday midday and afternoon. thursday through saturday will be cool and comfortable near 80 degrees. -- cooler. the gorges ride awaits you. beltway travel, interstate travel. from 66, 95, 395, eastbound on 66 there's a brief delay expected at the manassas
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interchange near 50. no problems in the beltway to the roosevelt bridge. nothing complicated in virginia, headed northbound around fredericksburg. 270 has heavier volume than 10 minutes ago. south on 270 still moving at speed. more of your neighbors on all nodes. back to you. >> thank you. 67 degrees outside. coming up on this tuesday, ellen is reaching out to a new audience. new accusations of anti- muslim bias and just days before the nine-year anniversary of 9/elena kaga11. the nine-year anniversary of 9/elena kaga11.
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summer is officially over for hundreds of thousands in northern virginia. they will go back to class today. the new school year is expected to be a challenging one for virginia school districts as they face tighter budgets and an influx of new students. the start of school and the return to work after the labor day holiday could make for difficult to on the roads to it. if gillette has call today terrible traffic tuesday. several construction projects around the d.c. area could add to the gridlock. a wildfire burning near boulder, colorado has destroyed dozens of houses there. high wind has made it difficult for firefighters to get a handle on the fire, which has destroyed 3,500 acres. 1000 homes have been evacuated. turning to the d.c. mayor's
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race, incumbent adrian fenty has a reason to celebrate. a week before the crucial primary, america to of another big endorsement -- the mayor picked up another big endorsement. >> this comes down to this, seven days left until the primary. a new endorsement, it may help some of the undecided voters to decide how they will cast their ballots. for the washington examiner has just endorsed adrian fenty. the paper says it believes he deserves reelection based on his reelection in five areas. this is for vincent gray that could come down to the right of your this is what the paper said: " there is no reason to think what is not broken in the areas of crime, management, city services, and economic development, and in education where things are finally being
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fixed after all these years, so we are urging you to reelect adrian fenty in tuesday's democratic primary." even with this, he is still lagging behind the latest poll, behind in 13 points with all registered democrats. if that does not include the undecided voters. we have been talking to people. many of them are still trying to decide how to get their ballots. brianne carter reporting live. 32 firefighters from on the globe are running across the u.s. to commemorate 9/11. expected to arrive in d.c. today. they were in maryland yesterday. some firefighters lost family members in the terrorist attacks. the trip began last month in los angeles and it will end in new york city. >> what we are doing is normal to do.
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it is outrageous and is insulting to muslims, but it is also insulting to our soldiers. >> of florida pastor if it's going ahead with plans to burn on september 11 because he believes the book is against god. it caused protests abolished in kabul yesterday where an effigy of the minister was set on fire. ellen news. >> america online is teaming up with ellen degeneres. the website will share traffic, content, and promotions. dore's a violent video game woke back with their second game called "dog days 2," not for
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children. >> unbelievable amounts of blood and gunfire. you fight your way naked out of a mall. terrible things befall these characters. it is really gripping as a piece of storytelling, but it is deserving of its metula rating. >> it can be played on the xbox 360 and the playstation. rob nelson reporting. 5;18, 67 degrees outside -- 5:18 is the time. virginia going back to school today. >> a long weekend for folks in maryland and virginia. back-to-school for good. >> the moms are excited. >> get out the door. you have to get huge shot of the
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kids with the oversized backpack. 54 degrees in winchester, 67 in waldorf, 62 in frederick, 64 in stafford. dew point numbers in the 50's and low to mid 60's. it will be a little hotter than yesterday. not very humid. in warrington, 58 degrees. 59 in brunswick. let's look at the almanac data from yesterday, 87. five degrees above the average of 82. if today's record is 104. that was set in 1881. the record low is 46 on this day in 1924. this morning is a little warmer than yesterday morning and this afternoon is warmer and yesterday afternoon. not breaking records. in the upper midwest there's a low pressure system that has a cold front hanging down in parts of the midwest as well which
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will continue to push in our direction and move through tomorrow, dropping our temperatures thursday into saturday. also of interest, hermine could make landfall on the north coast of mexico. a lot of rain showers building in texas. there's the potential of flooding. high and dry for us for the next several days. next chance of rain locally is on sunday midday. near 94 the high temperatures today with low humidity. a lot of sunshine, as you patchy clouds. partly cloudy tomorrow. another one day, but not very humid. i love those warmer september days because you don't get the added humidity. -- another warm day. upper 70's thursday through saturday.
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we could use some moisture on sunday. we have been watching beltway travel and interstate. the red line work is complete and they are on all service systemwide. yellow arrows are the direction of the volume, starting to go. 66, 95, 395 there. 270 southbound, your neighbors are hitting the road. this is at montgomery village avenue southbound on 270. back to you. >> thank you. 67 degrees on this tuesday morning. whoopi highlights from the credible, coming up. >> today on "oprah," child brides in the united states, at 4:00 on abc 7.
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espinosa, see you later, a grand slam for the rookie. >> he is hitting over 500. the nationals beat the mets 13- 3. >> there were a couple of fantastic college games in the
5:25 am
football area. >> bryditzky tech played a boise state in a battle that had national ramifications. and there was the game between the midshipmen and the terps. >> anytime maryland and maybe get together on the football field, it is what. crabcalled it a credib -- bowl invalid. it was 13-0. then the midshipmen came back. a touchdown for the navy. came back and tied at 14 in the second half. fourth-down, navy at the one- yard line. maryland shut the door. the the terps wheaton navy 17- 14. at fedex field last night policy state rallied in the final moments to defeat virginia tech
5:26 am
33-30 in front of a packed dallas. nothing like college football. have a great day. 67 degrees outside. the news continues at 5 the top 30. -- at 5:30. go! >> a deadly fire in a horse stable and the whole thing was caught on tape. more americans are worried about the economy and who they blame. tracking a cold front moving across the midwest. a little warmer than yesterday [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this half- hour, a terrible traffic tuesday. for the first time in months the entire area goes back to work and to school. good morning, washington. welcome back on this tuesday morning, september 7. i am alison starling. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is getting us started. >> first day of school for some kids. many teenage girls worrying about what to wear. >> all kids. >> you have to look good on the thursday. shorts and shorts leaves today as we go back to work and back to school. it will be a hot day, but not excessively humid.
5:30 am
it will be low 80's at recess. woodbridge, 63, 68 in oxon hill and lexington park. incumbent it is 54 degrees. 67 in huntingtown. today's forecast, a lot of sunshine, a few scattered clouds. 83 at noon. near 90 degrees fahrenheit temperature at 4:00 or so. a cold front tomorrow. how is the volume right now? >> 95 in virginia, 66 looks pretty good. we will siebel develops over the next couple weeks. this is the first day of school for a lot of kids in virginia. if it will take a couple weeks for the routine to settle in. to make sure everybody gets their on-time, aware of a bus stop is.
5:31 am
-- walking the kids to the bus stops. no problems around the beltway. the red line work is complete. metro is on normal service. heavier volume of traffic trickling out of frederick at montgomery county. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, the commonwealth goes back to class. 10 local districts welcome back since this morning including the cities of alexandria, falls church, fredericksburg. most school systems are trying to do more with less this year. that is thanks to budget cuts. pamela brown joins us in vienna with what to expect for the year ahead. good morning. >> good morning. a lot of schools will be stretched to the maximum this year. budgets are tight.
5:32 am
school officials will have to be really created this year to accommodate the influx of students with less money. in fairfax county funding for schools has been cut by $34 million. at the same time, 32 and hundred more students will be in the schools in fairfax county. that means spending per student .ill be cut by $300 or abou alexandria is also seeing a drop spike inement and spi enrollment. salary freezes for the teachers are still in effect. teachers and not receive pay raises in fairfax county in over two years. they're planning to change that in the next year. we will be at madison high
5:33 am
school right. at 7:00. pamela brown reporting. it will be a special first day of school for students in manassas at the masefield intermediate school, reopening for the first time since the february blizzard which caused extensive damage to the school, including a collapsed roof. aaa is calling today terrible traffic tuesday. that describes what is expected to be the worst gridlock in our area in three months. partly because of the start of school and the the return to work after the labor day holiday. several construction projects around the area could add to the gridlock. some metro riders are experiencing a sense of relief this morning. red line stations that were closed during labor day weekend reopened this morning. they were shut down on friday. crews perform safety upgrades.
5:34 am
the president will be another new proposal to help the economy. this one would benefit businesses and corporations with tax breaks. there's a new abc news poll that shows what a daunting challenges democrats face heading into the midterms. emily schmidt has details. >> president obama kissel introducing a new economic plan -- is introducing a new plan. >> i believe yes we can is more inspiring than no we can't. >> 52% of voters disapprove of the latest obama is handling his overall job. more voters now say the president has made the economy worse. >> i will keep fighting every single day, every single minute to turn this economy around. >> $50 billion for transportation projects. tomorrow the president will propose a $200 billion tax
5:35 am
write-off for new investments for businesses. john boehner says we do not need more government stimulus spending, we need to end washington democrats'out-of- control spending spree." the polls show that likely voters are favoring republicans in their districts. the discovery communications building in downtown silver spring is expected to fully reopen this morning. james lee took three people hostage last wednesday before he was shot and killed by officers. if investigators are looking for two men responsible for violence on invasion in woodbridge yesterday morning on waupun drive. two masked men entered a hostile an unlocked door. they left before police arrived and no one was injured. investigators are trying to find out what, but swept through three barns , killing 27 horses.
5:36 am
it broke down early yesterday morning near charles town races in west virginia. steve clark and amber taylor worked alongside trainers and others to rescue the horses. >> i felt like my shoes were going to melt off my feet, wondering how many we had, there was panic. >> no chance of getting them. >> 26 sources survived along with four kids. damage is estimated at $1.2 million. >> a valiant effort. >> they did something instead of standing by and watching. still ahead, d.c. primary race for mayor is down to the final seven days. the developments from the campaign trail this morning. >> another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes.
5:37 am
we will be right back. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india, affect wheat output in the u.s.,
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. discovery the reptile center at the washington nationals ru zoo. we're with this tortoise. we hope that your day is moving at a faster pace than mine. good morning, washington.
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70 degrees by now at reagan national. that is a warm spot. it is still dark in washington. sunrise in another al gore. -- in another hour. and 69 in waldorf fredericksburg. cooler off to the north and west. a little warmer to the south. gainesville, 63. upper marlboro, 66. acosta will start today, but not as refreshing as yesterday. we were in the '50s in most locations yesterday. 89 is the high temperatures today with a lot of sunshine and a few scattered clouds with low humidity. swords leaves today and tomorrow. thursday through saturday, it will be comfortable with highs in the upper 70's. another look at that coming up. now to lisa baden.
5:41 am
the pace check out northbound on 395. more of your neighbors are getting the votes. looks good at duke street leaving the beltway. we will go to washington boulevard traffic, good to the pentagon, no problems on 110 or washington boulevard. quiet across the potomac river, here on the 14th street bridge. maryland traffic is good. colesville rohde and randolph road on the screen. we will keep an eye on the table with streets and syllabuses as well. back to you. >> thank you. today is your second chance to win a trip to new york city to take part in the high-y heelathon. >> look for the keyword of the day and tried it in on "live with regis and kelly." go to for the of
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details. i've seen video of kellie els.ticing wearing high yieldhe >> 5:41 on this tuesday morning, 68 degrees. >> as the sun caught on camera. the california daredevil scales a san francisco skyscraper and who was waiting for him at the top. a mayoral candidate picks up another endorsement in d.c. >> new zealand raises for strong aftershocks. >> new zealand raises for strong aftershocks.
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good morning. checking our top stories on this tuesday, thousands of students will be going back to class today. the new school year gets under way for students across northern virginia.
5:46 am
it is expected to be a challenging year as school districts struggled to deal with tight budgets, salary freezes, and an influx of new students. to delays morning commuters to expect the worst as millions of people go back to work and school today. the group has called this terrible traffic tuesday. several major construction projects taking place across the d.c. area are expected at to the gridlock. another powerful earthquake could soon hit new zealand. this comes as 20 more aftershocks hit the city of christchurch overnight. a powerful quake hit last saturday, damaging 1000 buildings. no one was killed. turning to the d.c. mayor's race, we are seven days away from the primary elections. thousands have already cast their ballots. today a new show of support for the incumbent underdog. brianne carter is live in northwest d.c. with more. >> good morning. that's right. this is expected to be a race
5:47 am
that comes down to the wire between mayor adrian fenty and challenger vincent gray. it's not clear how the endorsements will play a role in the vote. mayor adrian fenty pick up another endorsement from the washington examiner. the paper says, "there's no reason to fix what is not broken in the areas of crime, fiscal management, city services, and economic development. in education, there's no need to break what is finally being fixed after all these years. we are in college in washington residents to vote for adrian fenty in next tuesday's primary." he has already picked up an endorsement from the washington post. still he's behind in the latest poll, showing he's behind gray 13 points. it's not clear whether or not the news to endorsement will play a role for those voters. there are still some undecided voters that will go to the polls
5:48 am
over this next week and then again a week from today in the democratic primary. brianne carter reporting. maryland governor martin o'malley will take part in a bridge dedication ceremony in bladensburg is money. a csx bridge will be dedicated to a senator who died in 2008. it is in bladensburg's waterfront park. tonight county residents will vote on whether religious displays should be banned. they will discuss banning nativity scenes and menorahs. it will be at 6:30 at the contador in a building in leesburg. there was a close game at fedex field. >> let's go! >> thousands of virginia tech fans gathered at a hall of the washington redskins.
5:49 am
before the teams took to the field, fans took part in an important football tradition. that is the tailgating party. >> a good way to be with your friends and tear on your team to a good victory. >> we may not win every game, but we never lose the tailgate. >> they lost to the bourse's state broncos. 33-30 was the score. >> so close. >> you never lose a tailgate. >> what about today? is the weather going to cooperate for back-to-school? >> it will. darden believe it is time to go back to school and back to the regular routine. -- it is hard to believe. hyattsville, 64 degrees, 69 in
5:50 am
arlington, 59 in bristow. 71 in washington. it is a little warmer overall plan yesterday morning. not quite as refreshing as yesterday morning. we were down in the 40's in the shenandoah valley yesterday morning. most suburbs if board in the mid 50's. today, mostly in the '60s. 67 in vienna, 64 into b.j.'s, huntingtown, 67. yesterday was a great day, fantastic labor day with a lot of sunshine, a few clouds. 87 for a high-temperature with low humidity. today will be a little warmer than yesterday with high pressure moving offshore. we will get a more southerly breeze, increasing temperatures a few degrees. a cold front that is currently going through the midwest with pinwheel action in minnesota, the cold front will be exciting
5:51 am
to our area tomorrow, dropping the temperatures thursday through saturday. high temperatures near 90 degrees with low humidity. tomorrow will be similar. a lot of sunshine with a few scattered clouds tomorrow. upper 80's. near 80 degrees thursday through saturday. chance of showers on sunday. now to lisa baden. terrible traffic tuesday. >> what we are noticing right now, we will take you to a picture of traffic at falls road. more of your neighbors are hitting the roads. next we will go north on 395. those are headlights northbound leaving the beltway, looks good at el edsall road. that is the pace at the pentagon right now.
5:52 am
back to you. >> thank you. we are just chatting. \ have you guys seen the dramatic scene that happened on live tv last night as a daredevil climbed a san francisco as i scraper -- skyscraper? used only suction cups. >> i was hoping to do it without anyone noticing. >> in a statement on his website the city climbed the 600-foot building to call attention to the vulnerability of skyscrapers to terrorist attacks. good when has scaled the former chicago's sears tower in the past. >> you think that he really wanted to do that without anyone noticing?
5:53 am
right.h, good to see there are liable suction cups. the thrill of a souvenir baseball, flying away at the ballpark. if you cannot get to a ball, how about the letter b? >> congratulations, sir. >> the fans in toronto was hit by a large letter b when it was hit by falling all. it had been nailed to win a it had been nailed to an upper deck. -- it was hit by a fault owl b. an upper deck. -- it was hit by a fault owl b.
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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and northern virginia man is about to reach a considjuncture. he plans to argue that his daughter emma was adopted and taken to utah without his permission. he said his girlfriend left last year without telling him and put the baby of for adoption purities is that was off in violation of federal parental kidnapping laws. >> they broke the law. i had every intention of raising
5:57 am
my daughter and made that clear from the beginning. >> she is 19 months old and virginia afforded him custody, but the baby is in utah and utah will not to give the girl up. he's getting back together with his girlfriend. he says he regrets the baby being put up for adoption. utah will not render a decision for several weeks. there's a lot more still to come in the next hour. >> the link between money and have been is has a price limits. we will tell you how much. we are monitoring the roads on this terrible traffic tuesday in rockville. what you need to know before
5:58 am
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straight ahead, back down to business. school is in session and a holiday is over. what to expect on the roads. plus, the economy takes center stage. president obama debut as a new plan to save the middle class. >> later, down to the final seven days of the d.c. primary race. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. side. >> good morning, washington.

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